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We specialise in fiber laser marking and engraving systems for the industrial and promotional items sectors

Why choose fiber lasers?

Fiber lasers use an optical fiber cable made of silica glass to guide light. The resulting laser beam is more precise than with other types of lasers because it is straighter and smaller. This allows a minimum line width of only 0.01mm when marking.
They also have a small footprint, excellent electrical efficiency, low maintenance and low operating costs.

Fiber laser marking has become the technology of choice for manufacturers looking for high-quality marking, offering a multitude of advantages compared to older marking methods like dot peen marking, inkjet printing, and printed labels.

Fiber laser marking is a non-contact process, meaning that it only affects the area that is being marked.


Stainless Steel
Mild Steel
Marble / Stone

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

100% local support and service

Customer support

We know that our customers need fast service. We know that our customers need local service. We write our own user manuals for our fiber laser marking systems. This means that there is no confusion from poorly translated user manuals.

Customer service

We carry a full range of critical machine spare parts to ensure minimum downtime should something go wrong.


Desktop type machines have a 2 year warranty on the laser source and other components. This warranty excludes consumables items such as the lens.

Portable hand-held marking machines have a 1 year warranty.

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‭+27 (83) 411-8245‬

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